Cold water just as good as hot in killing germs on hands: study

Here’s a study that gets you out of hot water.

When washing your hands in a public restroom (please wash your hands when you visit a public restroom, it’s a thing we still have to say) you no longer have to switch the tap to scalding to be assured your hands are germ-free.

Scientists at Rutgers have learned that cold water for at least 10 seconds — with soap of course — is just as effective at washing off bacteria as hot water.

In the experiment, 21 participants got their hands dipped in harmless bacteria over a six month period and told to wash their hands in 60-, 79-, and 100-degree Fahrenheit temperature water. The researchers found that the temperature didn’t matter — just plain ol’ soap and water does the trick.

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Donald Shaffner, one of the study authors, said that this could have effects not just on personal hygiene, but also energy consumption. “Cold water saves more energy than warm or hot water,” he said in a statement. FDA regulations currently require hand washing temperature must be 100 degrees.

With the researchers looking to ease these temperature regulations at restaurants, get ready to relive the ice bucket challenge every time you wash your hands.

Just please, please wash your hands.

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