Bronx cop killer had anti-psychotic, anti-depressant meds at home

An NYPD search of cop-killer Alexander Bonds’ squalid South Bronx apartment turned up anti-psychotic and and anti-depressant drugs, police sources said Thursday.

Police investigators, in addition to those prescription medications, found Benadryl and a muscle relaxant in his second floor apartment at 1031 Rev. James A. Polite Ave.

The anti-psychotic was Risperidone, typically used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, while the anti-depressants were identified as Bupropion and Escitalopram.

Bonds, 34, was shot to death by police after he assassinated a uniformed NYPD veteran working a midnight tour in the Bronx early Wednesday.

Here’s how to help children of slain NYPD cop Miosotis Familia

The dead man’s girlfriend spoke twice with police in the three hours before the paroled ex-con executed Officer Miosotis Familia, police sources said Thursday.

Confirmed through Tracey Tully and Nicole Hensley

Alexander Bonds, 34, gunned down NYPD Office Miosotis Familia early Wednesday as she sat in a mobile command center.


The unidentified woman called 911 around 9:30 p.m. on the Fourth of July to report her schizophrenic boyfriend was walking the Bronx streets and behaving strangely, according to the sources.

Asked directly if Bonds was armed and violent, the girlfriend answered no, the sources said. The woman indicated she was concerned about him, and asked cops to locate Bonds.

She directed police to a street in Mott Haven, a few miles south of the block where Bonds shot Familia once in the head at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday.

NYPD cop-killer Alexander Bonds posted anti-police Facebook rant

Cops and EMS workers found no sign of Bonds, who was on parole for an armed robbery in Syracuse. During a second conversation between police and the girlfriend, she provided a second address for Bonds.

But once again, cops and EMS showed up and couldn’t find the career criminal, the sources said. It was unclear if the girlfriend called police twice, or if cops called her back after striking out in Mott Haven.

Bonds finally surfaced on E. 183rd St., carrying a stolen gun and dressed in black from head to toe. He fired a single bullet through the passenger side window of an NYPD mobile command center.

The ambushed Familia, 48, died three hours later at St. Barnabas Hospital. She left behind two daughters, a son and her 86-year-old mother.

NYPD cop fatally shot while inside police vehicle in the Bronx

Bonds was killed about a block away in a 20-shot fusillade of police bullets fired by two officers.

Familia’s death sparked an outpouring of grief nationwide.

Familia’s death sparked an outpouring of grief nationwide.


In an interview after the execution, the girlfriend told police that Bonds visited a psychiatrist last month — and didn’t like to be around police officers.

Bonds, whose rap sheet included seven arrests dating to 2000, made those feelings clear in a Facebook rant where he warned police “just keep your a– away from mine.”

One of his arrests was for a 2001 attack where he and four others punched, kicked and used brass knuckles in the beating of a cop.

NYPD installing bullet-shielding windows for vehicle fleet

His Facebook page also showed that he took a Jan. 5 quiz to determine “Which serial killer are you?” — and another in May asking “What’s deadly about you?”

The answer: “Vengeance. If someone hurts you, they have to feel the full force of your wrath and your vengeance is swift and merciless.”

Bonds was due to remain on parole through May 2018, and was in full compliance with his obligations since getting out of prison in 2013. He never missed a meeting with his parole officer, making his last visit on June 20.

He was next scheduled to appear on July 11 — the date when Familia joined the NYPD in 2005.

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